In history the crossbow is the most used war machine and this new design will maintain that popularity.

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"The Crossbow: The idea of mounting a bow permanently at right angles across a stock that was fitted with a trough for the arrow, or bolt, and a mechanical trigger to hold the drawn string and release it at will was very old. Crossbows were buried in Chinese graves in the 5th century BC, and the crossbow was a major factor in Chinese warfare by the 2nd century BC at the latest. The Greeks used the crossbow principle in the gastrophetes, and the Romans knew the crossbow proper as the manuballista, though they did not use it extensively. The European crossbow of the Middle Ages differed from all of these in its combination of power and portability." 

Encyclopædia Britannica

Crossbow is the most dangerous toy yet. In fact, we had to tone it down a little. It uses a golfball as ammunition as anything else would have been irresponsible. 

The way you adjust the trajectory is really nifty. It is a slick design. Just lift up the trigger block, slide the bow up or down and lower the trigger block. This clamps the bow to the ground posts. Simple, yes?

  • Crossbow is made of stainless steel and bronze
  • The bow blades are is laminated wood with fibre glass. 
  • Included is a handy cocking device to load the bow. 
  • The only assembly that is required is to screw the ground posts into the base. 
  • All necessary tools are included, as is a little oil can.


Crossbow has a base of 30cm wide and 60 cm long and the total height is 37 cm. The overall width of the bow is 87 cm. A plaque with serial number is mounted on the base.

Here is a video.